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Powered by Spirit helps you connect with others whom desire to have more meaningful, spiritually minded connections.  You can discover your own spiritual awareness by thoughtful reading of our spiritual content.  You can join our live chats and live streams and connect with kindred souls.  Join in on the conversations and raise and answer the great questions of the unknown on our news feed. We bring together spiritually minded people from all around the world.  Our foundation is centered upon a shared commitment to spiritual growth, self-reflection, sincere friendship and kindness.

About Us


Known as Medium in the Raw,  Pamela Theresa is a true medium helping those dealing with tragic loss and repercussions of death delivering powerful evidence of spirit communication while teaching how to continue the everlasting communication without the medium. She has amazed hundreds of thousands through her two TV shows, Medium in the Raw and Local Haunts.


The mastermind behind Local Haunts, Steve Christian has an extensive background in television production.  His lifelong passion for the paranormal was a natural fit to combine his interest with his work experience.  Steve came up with the idea of Local Haunts in 1991 but had to sit on the idea until the world was ready.  He launched the show in 2010 on CW17 in Jacksonville, Fl, and then in 2013 he created with his life partner Pamela Theresa the show Medium in the Raw to an eager audience that became instant fans that have followed both shows ever since.

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

— Lao Tzu

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